Assam Weekly Current affairs Quiz – 3 | 1st – 7th june

Assam Current affairs Weekly mock test : We collected some of the most important Assam Current Affairs Questions from our daily quiz data base and make it as Online Current Affairs Weekly Test, kindly Take current Affairs Weekly Quiz & Improve your Knowledge. Question mentioned here are based on the latest syllabus of Assam public service commission.

Assam Current affairs Weekly Mock test

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Assam Current affairs Weekly Mock test - 3

Assam Weekly Current affairs 2021 Mock test, MCQ Important for APSC, PNRD & other govt

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Which of the following statements is true about ACTA ?
(1) Only Kaziranga & Manas National park & Tiger reserve Gets the CATS accreditation
(2) Only Nameri & Orang Tiger reserve gets The CATS accreditation
(3) All four tiger reserves of Assam have received accreditation

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Which of the following Northeastern boxer secures 5th successive medal at Asian Boxing Championships ?

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Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) renamed as ______?

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Assam recently add which of these following iteam in the flood relief material list ?

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Award winning novels – Patal Bhairavi and Kayakalpa is written by which of following Writer who recently passed away due to covid19 ?

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Nagaon and Cachar paper mills are owned by Which of the following govt organization ?

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Who among the following appointed as the Director General of Assam Rifles ?

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Which of the followings is the newly added national park of assam?

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Assam celebrates 131st birth anniversary ofwhich of the following famous politician on 06 june ?

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‘Red Tourism’, which was seen in the news, is associated with which country?

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