My APSC CCE Strategy and booklist | By Priyanka Kumar, APS

I would like to name my APSC CCE Strategy as CRP as my strategy involved –

Step I: clearing CONCEPTS (C)

Step II: multiple REVISIONS (R)


Initially I lacked proper guidance and cleared prelims with self study only. So I did a lot of trial and error with my booklist. Here I am mentioning only those resources that finally worked for me , so that the aspirants don’t get confused.

Ancient and Medieval History: Tamil Nadu Class 11 history book.

Modern History: Spectrum.

Art and Culture: Class 11 NCERT,
Nitin Singhania ( selective topics only).

Polity: Class 11 NCERT,


Took a print out of Constitution of India.

Economy: NCERT Class 9,10,11,

Mrunal notes.

Environment: Shankar IAS book.

Geography: NCERT Class 11,12.

Science and Technology: Current affairs.

Assam part: Assam Year Book,

History from SPM YouTube

SPM material for mains GS V.

CSAT: Solved UPSC 10 years PYQs. Was scoring above 67 so didn’t prepare anything separately.

PSIR (Optional): The PSIR Club classes and notes,

IGNOU notes (selective reading).

Mains specific topics like disaster management, ethics, etc: SPM Classes and notes.

Current affairs:

Initially read The Hindu, later shifted to The Assam Tribune.

Exams made simple current affairs compilation.

Mock tests:

Prelims: UPSC and APSC Previous Year questions

Vision IAS test series booklets.

Mains: Bhadra IAS test series ( Offline).

PSIR: The PSIR Club test series.

Interview: SPM mock interview.

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