Assam Current affairs Weekly Mock test set – 4 | 7th – 14th june

Assam Current affairs Weekly mock test : We collected some important Assam Current Affairs Questions from our daily quiz data base and make it as Online Current Affairs Weekly Test, kindly Take current Affairs Weekly Quiz & Improve your Knowledge. Question mentioned here are based on the latest syllabus of Assam public service commission.

Assam Current affairs Weekly Mock test – 7th – 14th june 2021

Assam Current affairs Weekly Mock test - 4

Assam Weekly Current affairs 2021 Mock test, MCQ Important for APSC, PNRD & other govt

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Assam Sishu Seva Achoni is related to ___________ ?

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Which is the first country to formally adopt ‘Bitcoin’ as legal tender?

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Mount Eko Dumbing, which was making news recently, is located in which state?

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Who among the following has surpassed Argentina’s Lionel Messi and he has become the second-highest active international goal-scorer with 74 strikes?

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Assam Government has decided in its recent cabinet meeting to declare Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary as the _____ National Park.

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Assam Government had decided to confer literary pension in the name of which of the following litterateur ?

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Which of the following statements is true

(i) Assam govt decided to give Asom bishusan award to Five people

(ii) Assam Govt decided to give Asom shree award to ten people

(iii) Assam govt decided to give Assam Bhushan award to three people

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Who among the following is recently appointed as the Election commisioner of india ?

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CBSE has introduced coding as a subject for students, in collaboration with which company?

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Which University has topped World University Rankings 2022?

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Which bank has topped Forbes ‘World’s Best Banks 2021’ list in India?

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What is the theme of World Day Against Child Labour 2021?

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Who has bagged the number 1 spot on Times Most Desirable Women 2020 list?

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Which of the following movie has won the best film award on environment conservation at the 67th National Films Awards 2021?

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Who among the following becomes the first female pugilist from Assam to qualify for the Olympics ?

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