Assam Current affairs Weekly mock test set – 1 | 17th may – 24th may

Assam Current affairs Weekly mock test : We collected some important Assam Current Affairs Questions from our daily quiz data base and make it as Online Current Affairs Weekly Test, kindly Take current Affairs Weekly Quiz & Improve your Knowledge. Question mentioned here are based on the latest syllabus of Assam public service commission.

Assam Current affairs Weekly Mock test – 17th may to 24th may 2021

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Assam Weekly Current affairs mock test set - 1

Assam Weekly Current affairs 2021 Mock test, MCQ Important for APSC, PNRD & other govt exams

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Kundoli Proposed Reserve Forest, where 18 elephants have recent died, is situated in which state?

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What is true about Israel in the statements listed below :

i) It is situated towards the east of Mediterranean sea

ii) Jordan is the longest flowing river in Israel

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DIPCOVAN, is an antibody detection-based kit developed by which organisation?

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Which animal has recently resurfaced in India, in Mizoram’s Pualreng sanctuary, after a gap of 108 years?

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‘Jezero’ Crater, whose images have been captured recently, is a crater in which astronomical body?

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Who among the following is elected as the member of Badminton World Federation ?

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Homen Borgohain, who recently passed away, was an award-winning writer & journalist of which state?

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Who among the following crosses 1 Million followers mark on twitter and become 1st assamese to gain 1 million followers on Twitter ?

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Which state has proposed to control microfinance, by way of a state legislation?

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Which institution has set up a dedicated portal – CovAid, to track aid coming from individual organisations?

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