New Department To Be Created In Assam To Protect Indigenous Faith, Culture

Assam Current affairs : “New Department To Be Created In Assam To Protect Indigenous Faith, Culture” We will discuss this topic briefly on your exam prospective in Daily Assam Current affairs today’s season.

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Highlights :

• The Assam cabinet on Saturday decided to create a new department to protect the culture and practices of people belonging to tribal and other indigenous communities

• The new department, would ensure that the state’s indigenous population gets to preserve their faith and traditions, while providing requisite support to them.

Who are the native people of Assam?

The indigenous people of Assam are people belonging to ethnic groups who have been living in this region before colonialism in 1826(when NE became a part of India) as per the United Nations Indigenous or Native or original inhabitants definition. So, the indigenous people of Assam belong to the following ethnic groups:

Khasis, Keot(Kaibarta), Jaintia, Dom/Nadiyal Kaibarta, Koch-Rajbongshis, Bodo, Mising, Rabha, Deori, Tiwa(Lalung), Ahom, Moran, Koch-Rajbongshi, Motok, Dimasa, Karbi, Sutiya, Sonowal Kachari, Thengal Kachari, Sarania Kachari, Mech Kachari, Tai Phake, Tai Khamyang, Tai Aiton, Tai Turung, Tai Khamti, other Tai ethnic groups, various Naga ethnic groups, Mizo, various indigenous Arunachali ethnic groups like Adi, Nyishi, Mishmi, Apatani, Barman Kachari, Tripuri, Kalitas of North and Upper Assam are mostly Mongoloid converts, etc., Assamese Brahmins including Ganaks, Assamese Kayasthas, Kalitas of Lower Assam (not Kalitas of North and Upper Assam as most of them are Mongoloid converts), other indigenous ethnic groups of neighbouring North-East states.

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