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Assam History GK MCQ – Assam History General Knowledge Questions and Answers. In this article, we are providing the Assam History GK Questions. We have covered the whole subjects related to the Assam History GK Mcq for better understanding the evolving nature for the upcoming competitive exams . The following Assam History GK quiz is useful for APSC, Assam Police, PNRD , Assam Forest, Assam Transport, Assam TET exams. Refer to the below sections and practice the Assam History GK Quiz. To get a better understanding about the Assam History, you can take part in the provided Assam History Quiz . Analyze your preparation for your upcoming exams and test how much you are good in Assam History related to the general knowledge questions.

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Assam History GK Mcq with PDF

1) Which of the following king of Assam performed the Ashwamedha Yajna?

A. Mahendra Varman
B. Bhaskar Varman
C. Narakasura
D. Pratap Singha

Bhaskar Varman

2) Who was the last ruler of Varman Dynasty?

A. Pushya Varman
B. Bhaskar Varman
C. Bhuti Varman
D. Hajara Varman

Bhaskar Varman

3) Chinese traveler Hiuan Tsang visited kamrup in which century?

A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. 7th


4) During the first Muslim invasion to kamrupa, the king of kamrupa was ?

A. Prithu
B. Mahiranga
C. Narakasura
D. Bhaskar Varman


5) Which of the following was the first king of ancient Assam?

A. Mahiranga
B. Prithu
C. Narakasura
D. Ghatakasura


6. Who founded the Pala dynasty in Kamrupa?

A. Brahmapal
B. Nityapal
C. Ratnapal
D. Jaypal


7) Pushya Varman was the contemporary to which of the following ruler in north India?

A. Babur
B. Samudragupta
C. Chandragupta
D. Kanishka


8) Harshavardhan was contemporary of which of the following ruler in Kamrup?

A. Bhaskar Varman
B. Jaypal
C. Nityapal
D. Harihara

Bhaskar Varman

9) Umachal Rock Epigraph belongs to which of the following dynasty?

A. Salastambha
B. Pala
C. Varman
D. Kamata


10) The capital of Salastambha dynasty was ?

A. Harupeswar
B. Kundil Nagar
C. Pragjyotishpur
D. Kamatapur


11) The Paik system was introduced by

A. Sukapha
B. Sudangpha
C. Suhungmung
D. Pratap singha

Pratap singha

12) British traveller Ralph Fitch visited during the reign of which king?

A. Bhaskar Varman
B. Narnarayan
C. Biswa Singha
D. Chilarai


13) The battle of Saraighat took place during the reign of

A. Udayaditya singha
B. Paramatta singha
C. Jayadhaj singha
D. Paratap singha

Udayaditya singha

14) Which Ahom king introdued the post Barburah?

A. Suhungmung
B. Suklengpha
C. Gadadhar singha
D. Pratap singha

Pratap singha

15) The post Marangi khowa Gohain refers to

A. Naval Commander
B. Frontier Officer
C. Revenue officer
D. Army commander

Frontier Officer

16) Battle of Itakhuli was took place in the year

A. 1676
B. 1682
C. 1698
D. 1746


17) Battle of Itakhuli between Ahom and Mughals took place during the reign of which Ahom king?

A. Pratap singha
B. Chakradhaj Singha
C. Biswa Singha
D. Gadadhar Singha

Gadadhar Singha

18) Who among the following rulers rebuilt the Manikut of Haigrib Madhab Mandir?

A. Raghu Deb
B. Narnarayan
C. Chilarai
D. Arimatta

Raghu Deb

19) Mir jumla invaded Assam in which year?

A. 1665
B. 1662
C. 1678
D. 1657


20) During the reign of which King the Gohain Kamal Ali road was built?

A. Rudra Singha
B. Biswa Singha
C. Narnarayan
D. Bahskar Varman


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