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Strategy to prepare for APSC examination : APSC(Assam Public Service Examination) is a constitutional state commission that conducts Assam State Civil Service Examination for recruitment of top bureaucrat of Assam. Like UPSC or other PCS exam it follows the same exam pattern namely Prelims, Mains followed by a Personality(Viva) Test.While the preliminary stage is only qualifying in nature, the marks in Mains and Interview(Viva) stages decide the final merit list rank.

It is said that with hard work, anything can be possible. Nevertheless, is hard work enough? To prepare well for any examination and to achieve success in that, you need to rely on both elements – hard work as well as smart work. One such exam is the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC).

Strategy to prepare for APSC examination :

To prepare for APSC examination the aspirant needs to follow a smart strategy followed by the updated study materials,Notes, Current affairs,Mock tests etc..

Some of the basic factors which will determine your breakthrough in the APSC exam are perseverance, commitment, and a positive attitude. If one can sustain these 3 factors throughout the preparation phase, then the syllabus can be completed with ease. From the study schedule to the revision, Current affairs to mock tests all of the APSC preparation tips have been mentioned here.

In this article, we are going to cover some of the strategies that will help you crack this examination in your very first attempt. These strategies will not only help the full-time students but also the working professionals.

How to start the preparation?

For the beginners, there are a few rules to follow we call them my TEN GOLDEN RULES of success in the APSC examination. These rules are also applicable to all kind of competative exams.

First Rule :

The first rule states that to qualify the APSC exam in the first attempt, one must understand its syllabus and exam pattern and strategize accordingly. The syllabus comprises of subjects such as Indian polity, Indian and Assam Geography, Economics, Science & Technology, Assam History, Maths etc. To understand these subjects, an in-depth study is very essential and one can begin by reading the NCERT books of classes 6 to 12th.

Second Rule

Many students have devote 10-12 hours a day but yet they are not able to crack the Assam public service exam. Always remember, cracking any competitive examination requires HARD WORK as well as SMART WORK. APSC mainly focuses on national as well as Assam related conceptual knowledge. Simply learning the fact and figures will not help you in the long run instead try and develop your own conception and analytical thinking about the topics you cover. The most important quality of an administrator or an top rank officer is a decision- making that requires a strong sense of opinion.

Third Rule

Another rule that one must follow to crack the APSC exam in its first attempt is to analyze the previous year questions. It gives you an idea of the level of questions that will be asked in the exam and helps in deciding your course of action while formulating your study plan or strategy. When you solve the previous year question papers, you get the idea about what kind of question are asked from different topics, which areas are more important, whether questions are more from static or dynamic part, etc.

Fourth Rule

The next rule is practice answer writing Once you have completed a subject from the NCERT as well as standard books, then you can start practicing answer-writing. Before that, it will be a futile exercise as you will have to depend completely on books for the content of the answer. At this stage, it is also important to revise the topic which you studied earlier.

Fifth rule : revision

The Proper revision helps you to remember facts, concepts, and techniques that you have studied earlier while preparing. Moreover, considering the vastness of the APSC syllabus, a revision will help you in storing all the necessary information and important facts in your mind Easily. You should keep your weekends free for a dedicated revision of whatever new you’ve studied/ learned during the week.

Sixth rule – Mock-Test Based Learning Approach

Mock tests are a Important tool to understand your weaknesses, and to realise the changes you need to make in the way you handle yourself during the real APSC exam to get a good result.

Three/ Four months before the prelims exam, you should approach mock test-based learning. Sit for an actual exam-like mock test at the same time and then analyse your performance. Check your weak areas and Clear the concepts that you may have missed earlier. It will not only help you in anxiety management during the actual exam but will also prepare you extremely well for the APSC exam!

Seventh Rule – Current affairs

The Importance of Current Affairs in APSC examinations is very high. This is the most critical part of APSC Prelims as well as APSC Mains Exam. Aspirants should study in depth to understand the importance of current affairs for APSC. In fact, all the questions in APSC examinations are drafted around current affairs.

Success in APSC Prelims as well as Mains Examination is mainly subjected to how well an aspirant is aware of the important current Events, national and international issues. Preparation of current affairs for APSC is the key to unlock the exam. It requires practice and constant revision.

Eight rule

The Newspaper is the most important source for the APSC preparation. It gives a detailed analysis of the issues and the undercurrents of the prospective events. The candidates should make quick notes of the important articles published in the newspaper.Newspaper should be supported by the Monthly current affairs magazine.

Nine Rule

Notes is an integral part of the APSC preparation and revision. The handwritten notes can be very helpful at the time of revision because at the times of APSC mains exam, there are lot of things to revise and it will be very difficult to revise with the books.

Tenth Rule

The last rule to remember is to never ever consider your first attempt as a trial version. Be as serious or focused in your first as you will be in your last. Your efforts will decide your fate so every time you feel like giving up or quit, keep reminding yourself why you started the preparation.


These are some of the strategies you can follow when it comes to prepare for Assam Public Survice Commsion exam preparation. You can apply them to your daily study routine to gain maximum benefits.Last but not least if you want to know more details about the APSC exam , APSC Current affairs or mock test series visit our website regularly.

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