How to Search Jamabandi by Dag & Patta Number in Assam ?

Jamabandi by Dag & Patta Number in Assam : In order to digitise land records, the Assam Government has ordered all districts to upload land registration details on an online portal under the Digital India initiative. These land records can be viewed online on the state’s portals.

Land records are known as Jamabandi in Assam. Jamabandi  is one of the important document needed during the acquisition of any property. The Jamabandi consists all the information of your land or property from the scrach. In this article we will discuss  how to search land record or Jamabandi Assam by Dag and Patta number. Once you search, you will get to access the Record of Rights (ROR) of that locality and know the name of owners, the area of land, shares of owners and other Rights too.

Uses of land Jamabandi Assam :

The Jamabandi is a Important document which contains entries regarding Ownership, cultivation and up-to-date of various rights in land. The Jamabandi can be used in following areas :

1) The jamabandi is used during the registration of any property.
2) The jamabandi signed by Circle officer is used as the valid land documents.
3) The jamabandi can be usefull to access your patta number, dag number etc.
4) The jamabandi is used as a Important document during the acquisition.

Note : The online jamabandi copy may not work as a valid document you have to contact your circle office for the original jamabandi.

Jamabandi in Assam: Search Land Record by Dag Number

• First of all, make a note of the Dag number. Then take your smartphone or computer with internet connection.

• Now go to the Important link saction and click on Lrms website link. Now a new page will open now choose your “District”.

• Once you select district, choose the “Circle”. After that, you need to select your Village or Town from the list.

• Now, a new page will be open with three tabs.

• Click on the “Select by Dag Number” or it may be already selected by default.
Then enter the Captcha code and enter the Dag number with the keyboard given below the text.

• Click on the “Search” button, There you will see your name & other details click on that and see the Jamabandi copy by clicking on the next option.

• Now finally you can see your Jamabandi copy. Take a print out of the Jamabandi for future reference.

In the above paragraph we have discussed how to scarch Jamabandi by Dag number. Now we will discuss how to access Jamabandi copy by patta number.

Search Jamabandi Assam By Patta Number

• Firstly go to the Important link section below this article and click on the Revenue Assam site.

• Now a new page will open from there select Your ‘District’, ‘Cicrle Office’ and ‘Village/ Town’ and click on next button.

• After clicking next button a new page will open there you can see the option ” Search via patta number” click on that option.

• Now enter your patta number and fill the captcha code and click on the next button.

• Aftee this a new page will open and that page shows the names of owners. Select the right owner and click on see Jamabandi option.

• Is is it now you can see your complete land details. Take a print out of that page for future reference.

In this article we have discussed how to search Jamabandi by Dag number and patta number. Hope you have understood all the process. If you didn’t understand the process than click on the video preview option to watch the complete tutorial video guide.

Check Jamabandi onlineClickhere
official websiteClickhere

How to see Jamabandi online video preview

Frequently asked questions about Jamabandi by Dag & patta number in Assam :

What is Jamabandi?

The Jamabandi is a Important document which contains entries regarding Ownership, cultivation and up-to-date of various rights in land.

Is Jamabandi copy use as a valid land document ?

The Jamabandi copy may use as a valid land document but the online Jamabandi copy have to be signed or verified by mandal and circle officer.

What is the validity of Jamabandi ?

The Jamabandi doesn’t have any certain validity. If the landowner is same then the Jamabandi is used as a document lifetime.

How to get original Jamabandi?

To get the original Jamabandi you have to go to your respective circle office and write a Application form and pay the Jamabandi fee for the original Jamabandi.

Whom to contact when there was an error on Jamabandi copy?

You have to contact your circle officer and village mandal If any error showed in the Jamabandi copy.

How to get the patta number or dag number?

The patta number or dag number is written on your original land patta document. If you lost the original patta or doesn’t have land documents then you can see your patta or dag number in land receipt. Or if you doesn’t have land receipt as well then contact your mandal or moujadar.

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