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Assam Current affairs : In today’s daily Assam Current affairs season we will discuss about the addition of a new national park in Assam.

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Highlights :

• The Forest and Environment Department of Assam has declared Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary as a National Park on 9 th of june 2021.

• With this Assam has now seven national parks and became the second state in the country to have the highest number of National Parks.

About Dehing patkai :

Dehing Patkai National park is located within the larger Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve, which spreads across the coal- and oil-rich districts of Upper Assam (Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts).

• The Dehing Patkai National park is also known as the Jeypore Rainforest.

• Dehing is the name of the river that flows through this forest and Patkai is the hill at the foot of which the national park lies.

• The oldest refinery of Asia in Digboi and ‘open cast’ coal mining at Lido are located near the National Park.

Fauna: Rare fauna found in the region include Chinese pangolin, flying fox, wild pig, sambar, barking deer, gaur, serow and Malayan giant squirrels.

• It is the only sanctuary in India which is home to seven different species of wild cats – tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, leopard cat, golden cat, jungle cat and marbled cat.

• Assamese macaque, a primate found in the forest, is in the red list of Near Threatened species.

• It has the highest concentration of the rare endangered White Winged Wood Duck.

Flora: Dehing Patkai is a deciduous rainforest interspersed with semi-evergreen and lush green flora.

List of National parks in Assam :

After the addition of Dehing Patkai Assam now have 7 national parks and becomes became the second state in the country to have the highest number of National Parks.

1) Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
2) Kaziranga National Park
3) Manas National Park
4) Nameri National Park
5) Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park
6) Raimona National park
7) Dehing patkai national park

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