Bandeep Rabha from Guwahati shares his APSC CCE Examination Interview experience

APSC CCE Examination Interview : Bandeep Rabha who cracked APSC examination with the all assam rank 10 , has said that there is no “secret mantra” to clear the examination. Instead, the focus should be on gaining in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and eliminating one’s weaknesses.

About Bandeep :

NameBandeep Rabha
Rank in Civil Services10
Marital Statusunmarried
Service JoinedACS
Medium chosen for InterviewAssamese & English
Home town/cityGuwahati

Bandeep revealed his interview experience in an interview with The Assam tribune. Read excerpts below:

Q. Please tell us about your interview in detail.

I entered the room, praying hard, imploring Him to give me the required strength. There were three panellists headed by Sanjib Gohain sir. The other two were Debeshwar Malakar sir and a subject expert.

Expert: Bandeep, you did your BTech from IIT-Guwahati, right?

A: Yes, sir.

DM sir: Why do you want to be a civil servant?

A: Sir, I always wanted to do something for my people and my State. That’s why, after my graduation, I started an education venture to teach underprivileged students.

DM sir: Being from a prestigious institute to which only a few people get into, you could have served your nation by going into the technical field also. I think your CPI is low. What is your CPI?

A: Sir, my CPI is 5.7.

DM sir: So, that is the truth, right? You came here because your CPI is low.

A: (I didn’t say anything in my defense. It was not the reason why I had opened a startup or prepared for the Civil Services Exam. But, I thought, if I defended myself, it could turn into a debate and I might get into trouble. So, I didn’t say anything.)

SG sir: You live in Tarun Nagar which is frequently flooded. Why is your area flooded regularly?

A: Sir, I believe the drainage system in our area is very inefficient. Moreover, many people in the area throw garbage into the Bharalu River. People have also encroached on many of the wetlands in and around the area. And, everywhere, buildings are being built without any proper water channelling system. So, there is no way out for the water to flow to except the low-depth drains. That is why the area gets inundated quickly.

SG sir: You are saying this in front of the ex Commissioner of GMC, Debeshwar Malakar. Tell me, what will you do if I make you the GMC chairperson?

A: Sir, I believe we should build underground flood chambers like they do in Japan which will allow huge volumes of floodwater to move around; we can store or channelise it into the Brahmaputra.

SG sir: So, it would solve the problem?

A: If not fully, I am sure it will mitigate the issue.

DM sir: Bandeep, you can’t be a good civil servant.

A: (I got very nervous, took a pause, and replied) Sir, I love to understand the problems of people and help them. Whenever people throw garbage into the Bharalu River, I try and talk some sense into them.

SG sir: So, could you influence people in that process?

A: Yes, sir, I did influence a few people.

Expert: Bandeep, have you heard of IoT?

A: Yes, sir.

Expert: Do you know about the Transatlantic internet cable through which we get internet?

A: Yes, sir.

Expert: Do you know that BRICS countries have been trying to create a similar infrastructure?

A: Sir, I am not aware of this. I will look it up.

DM sir: How would you explain the difference between 4G and 5G to a 12-year-old?

A: I would tell the kid: “On YouTube, now you can watch quality videos with ease but with occasional lags. But, when 5G arrives, the quality will be even better, and there won’t be any lags. Now, when you send someone a video, it might take a few minutes. But, when 5G arrives, you will be able to send it within seconds.

DM sir: How will you explain the technicalities?

A: (I explained the bandwidth and spectrum range accurately, he nodded. The members looked satisfied)

DM sir: Tell me about the positive and negative aspects of internet use.

A: The positives are: 1. Connects the world and makes it smaller 2. Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) made possible and efficient 3. Economic transition due to the internet 4. The Defence and Space sector has made tremendous advancement with the coming of the internet.

The negatives are: 1. People have become less interactive and social cohesion has been lost due to this 2. Fake news and rumours have become quite prevalent.

DM sir: Are you a supporter of the internet?

A: Yes, I am, despite its flaws.

SG sir: Tell me, how would you make Guwahati a Smart City?

A: Sir, I will start with good internet infrastructure. Next would be the Metro Rail and an early flood alarm system for Guwahati.

DM sir: What will happen if we get the Metro Rail?

A: Sir, time will be saved, and time is  money today.

Expert: Where does your father work?

A: He is an engineer at PWD.

Expert: Tell me the new name of PWD.

A: Lok Nirman Bibhag. (He was happy I got the answer)

SG sir: Do you do any activities?

A: (I thought of physical activity, so I answered) Sir, I used to play football in my college days. All my friends used to go in the evening and I tagged along with them..

Desclaimer : The Interview experience is originally published on the assams famous news paper The Assam tribune. We are not the actual owner of this content. The article posted above is re published for education purpose only.

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