Assam history Gk MCQ – Test set 1

Here is a set of Assam History Gk MCQ . There are four options for each question, bold one is the correct option.

This post is going to be very useful for various competitive examinations e.g., APSC, Assam Police, TET, DHS, PNRD etc.

1) The name ‘Guwahati’ has been derived from the fact that once the place was famous for its-
A) Coconut groves
B) Betel-nut groves
C) Sugar can fields
D) Tea Gardens

Betel-nut groves


2) Which of the following is the tallest existing Temple in Assam?
A) Umananda Temple, Guwahati
B) Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati
C) Devi Dol (Temple), Sivasagar
D) Siva Dol (Temple), Sivasagar

Siva Dol (Temple), Sivasagar


3) Who among the following was the first civil servant from Assam?
A) Anundoram Baruah
B) Moidul Islam Bora
C) Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia
D) Lakhinandan Bora

Anundoram Baruah


4) Who is the writer of the ‘Sahitya Academy Award’ winning book- “Deu-langkhui”?
A) Dr. Mamoni Roisom Goswami
B) Maini Mahanta
C) Rita Choudhury
D) None of the above

Rita Choudhury


5) Which of the following book is the smallest among all books written by Sankardeva?
A) Gunomala
B) Kirton
C) Dosom
D) Kaliyo Domon



6) Who said,-“Assamese women weave fairy tales in their clothes”?
A) Narendra Modi
B) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
C) Mahatma Gandhi
D) Manmohan Singh

Mahatma Gandhi


7) Sukladhwaj was popularly known as-
A) Chilarai
B) Pratapdhwaja
C) Dharmaraj
D) Bhagadutta



8) Which one of the following refinery in Assam is known as ‘Assam Accord Refinery’?
A) Noonmati
B) Bangaingaon
C) Digboi
D) Numligarh



9) Which district of upper Assam has maximum number of Tea Gardens?
A) Dibrugarh
B) Tinsukia
C) Dhemaji
D) Jorhat



10) In which place of Assam the Paddy Research Centre is located?
A) Margherita
B) Borhat
C) Titabar
D) Teok




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