Assam geography Gk MCQ – Test set 1

Here is a set of Assam Geography MCQ (multiple choice question). There are four options for each question, bold one is the correct option. This post is going to be very useful for various competitive examinations e.g., APSC, Assam Police, TET, DHS, PNRD etc.

1. What is the state tree of Assam?

a) Segun
b) Hollong
c) Bamboo
d) Neem



2. Manas National Park falls in:

a) Baksa & Barpeta District
b) Chirang & Baksa District
c) Chirang & Bongaigaon District
d) Baksa & Bongaigaon District

Chirang & Baksa District


3. Which of the following river doesn’t originate in the hills of Arunachal

a) Dihing River
b) Kameng River
c) Dibang River
d) Kolong river

Kolong river


4. What is the length of the river Brahmaputra in India?

a) 910 km
b) 915 km
c) 916 km
d) 918 km

916 km


5. In which district the “Sri Surya Pahar” is located

a) Dhubri
b) Goalpara
c) Darrang
d) Chirang



6. Which one is the highest peak in Assam ?

a) Nilachal Peak

b) Laike Peak
c) Patkai Peak
d) Kanduli Peak

Laike Peak


7. When was Kaziranga inscribed as a UNSECO World Heritage site?

a) 1980
b) 1982
c) 1983
d) 1985



8. Brahmaputra, after joining Tista river, is known as

a) Jamuna
b) Padma
c) Meghna
d) Dihang



9. Which forest is single-handedly planted by Jadav Payeng

a) Barnadi forest
b) Molai forest
c) Barail forest
d) Dihing forest

Molai forest


10. Total number of districts that are on the bank of Brahmaputra river is

a) 14
b) 18
c) 21
d) 25



11. The Bhupen Hazarika Setu (Dhola–Sadiya Bridge) is constructed over which river?

a) Brahmaputra
b) Barak
c) Dihang
d) Lohit



12. Which National Park in Assam is one of the last strongholds for the wild water buffalo?

a) Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
b) Manas National Park
c) Orang National Park
d) Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park


13. Which of the following is not among the major birds found in Assam?

a) Blue-throated Barbet
b) White Peafowl
c) Ring-tailed Fishing Eagle
d) White-winged Wood Duck

White Peafowl


14. Assam has common boundary with how many Indian states

a) 5 states
b) 6 state
c) 7 state
d) 8 state

7 state


15. Which of is the largest wetland in Assam

a) Cahndubi Lake
b) Deepor Beel
c) Kumri Beel Lake
d) Sonbill Lake

Sonbill Lake


16. Which of the following is associated with Bordoichila in Assam?

a) Pre-monsoon season
b) Monsoon season
c) Retreating monsoon season
d) Winter season

Pre-monsoon season


17. The Gai, a tributary to Brahmaputra is situated between:

a) Dibang and Dihang
b) Dihang and Subansiri
c) Subansiri and Bharali
d) Bharali and Bornadi

Dihang and Subansiri


18. The Brahmaputra, Irrawady and Mekong rivers originate in Tibet and flow through narrow and parallel mountain ranges in their upper reaches. Of these rivers, Brahmaputra makes a “U” turn in its course to flow into India. This “U” turn is due to

a) Uplift of folded Himalayan series
b) Syntaxial bending of geologically young Himalayas
c) Geo-tectonic disturbance in the tertiary folded mountain chains
d) Both  a & b

Syntaxial bending of geologically young Himalayas


19. Which town is also known as the Manchester of Assam

a) Jorhat
b) Sualkuchi
c) Diphu
d) Digboi



20. Which of the following places is the site of rain forest in Assam and in which District

a) Sonai Rupai (Sonitpur)
b) Joypur (Dibrugarh)
c) Sessa (Dibrugarh)
d) Manas (Kokrajhar)

Joypur (Dibrugarh)

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