CBSE introduces Coding and Data Science | Assam Current affairs For Apsc

Assam Current affairs for Apsc : In todays daily Assam Current affairs season we will discuss about the topic “CBSE introduces Coding and Data Science”.

Assam Current affairs

Highlights :

• Coding will be introduced for students of Class 6 to class 8 while data science will be introduced for Class 8 to class 12 as new skilling subjects.

• Both these courses will be introduced in 2021-2022 academic session.

About coding and data science curriculum

Both Coding and data science are skilling subjects focuses on building critical thinking, computational skills, creativity, problem-solving skills and hands-on exposure to new technologies. Subjects will be launched in line with National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Role of Microsoft :

Microsoft has designed supplementary handbooks for coding as well as data science in line with the NCERT patterns and structures. Books cover real-life examples with the aim of building exposure to ethical dimensions exposure to Microsoft MakeCode.

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